Productize Yourself

Naval is summarizing the ‘Getting Rich’ into two words ‘Productize Yourself’.

Productize has specific knowledge and leverage. Yourself has uniqueness and accountability. Yourself also has specific knowledge. So you can combine all of these pieces into these two words.

If you’re looking towards the long-term, you should ask yourself, “Is this authentic to me? Is it myself that I’m projecting?” And then, “Am I productizing it? Am I scaling it? Am I scaling with labor or capital or code or media?” It’s a very handy, simple mnemonic.

Find hobbies that make you rich, fit and creative

Making money should be a function of your identity and what you like to do. Another tweet I really liked was, “Find three hobbies: One that makes you money, one that keeps you fit, and one that makes you creative.”

One that makes you money, one that makes you fit, and one that makes you smarter.

Life Dinner

Schedule a monthly meeting with your partner:

  1. Personal Reflection on Last Month
  2. Relationship Reflection on Last Month
  3. Personal Goals for Next Month

It’s a relationship system for trust, intimacy, and accountability.

Keep going

If the version of you from 5 years ago could see you right now, they’d be so proud.

Keep going.

Jeff Bezos's Advice

  • You have to stub born for your ideas and flexible in the details.
  • You can choose with a life of ease and comfort, otherwise a life full of adventures and service. Choose which one give you satisfaction when you are 90 yo.
  • You can’t ask for trust, you have to earn it.
  • Every job comes with pieces we don’t like.
  • Stress primarily comes from not taking action about something which you actually have control over.
  • Stress comes from ignoring things, that you shouldn’t be ignoring.
  • Plan B will defocus from making the plan B work. Plan B is like work the Plan A.


If you are under 30

  • Start your blog
  • Put out a course
  • Build your agency
  • Write a newsletter
  • Launch your website
  • Sell with eCommerce
  • Grow an online brand

Are you over 30? Do the same.

12 Rules for Life, An Antidote to Chaos

How to read

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  1. Read for a purpose
  2. See yourself as a teacher
  3. Write book notes , reviews
  4. Apply one thing immediately after reading

Authors to check

How to Play Long Term Games

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How to maintain a relationship

Arrange programs between themselves. Programs make people closer.


Accountability is a powerful thing. Making a commitment to doing something and then holding ourselves accountable to others is one of the most useful tools in our motivation and productivity arsenals.

For example you can ask your partner to ask your updates on a daily basis.