How 1+1=4 — Your job as an entrepreneur

Article Author: nathan barry Created: June 9, 2021 3:31 PM Property: Processed URL: Updated: July 4, 2021 9:33 PM

Playing positive sum games

While this seems surprising at first, it’s just the shift from thinking about business as a zero sum game (for me to win someone else has to lose) to a positive sum game (we can all win).

The best entrepreneurs don’t think, “how can I win?” instead they think, “how can I solve a problem in a way that we all win?”

Your job as an entrepreneur is to make 1+1 equal anything greater than 2.

We tend to think of partnerships as a way to get something done in half the time: if I have a ditch to dig and I convince you to help me with it. But the best partnerships are where the joint effort is more than an incremental return.