5 reasons why I build in public

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Folks like Arvid Kahl, Tony Dinh, and Jon Yongfook have all found success by sharing their journey as they built their companies.

Here are the five biggest reasons I am building in public, in order of their importance to me:

  1. Public accountability
  2. Required reflection
  3. Getting attention
  4. Practice writing
  5. Community support

Public accountability

So building-in-public helps push me to focus on the right things, instead of just on the easy stuff that I’d personally choose to spend my time on (features and features and more features!).

Required reflection

The solution is to force yourself to pause and reflect. Sharing my progress regularly in a public forum makes me stop and think about my progress on the plan, what has been working and what hasn’t, and what adjustments I need to make.

Getting attention

building in public is a way of getting attention. The world is full of people pitching solutions to problems, and you need to somehow cut through all that noise to start gaining the trust of your audience.

Practice writing

Writing seemed less important than doing and building. But I’ve come to believe that writing is a powerful means of processing your thoughts into a form that is easy to understand and share.

Community support