3 Secrets of Radical Creativity From Pablo Picasso.

Think inside the box

Giving yourself tight constraints–in essence a small box to work within–actually often pays huge dividends.“Picasso pioneered new art forms by denying himself of luxuries, thus forcing more creative rethinking of fundamentals,” Snow points out, quoting the artist on one such self-imposed experiment that limited him to working with a single color as an example.

Edit brutally

It’s natural to think of innovation as bringing more new stuff or ideas into the world, but as Snow points out, “innovation is often an exercise in reducing complexity.”

Iterate, don’t ruminate (Over thinking of something)

Snow unearths this classic Picasso quote: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Have truer words ever been spoken? If you want to be more creative, don’t sit around thinking about how to be more creative. Try stuff. And then try more stuff. Continuous iteration, experimentation, and hard work are the basic building blocks of breakthrough ideas. Armchair pondering? Not so much.“Great creators like Picasso,” Snow declares, “produce millions of variations of their ideas until they get it right.”


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